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Autism has become very popular in the news media today. There have been famous people who have come out into the public and discussed their child’s autism. It has led many parents to wonder if their child is autistic. Most people would not want to think that there could be anything wrong with their child, but with all of the news reports it is hard to ignore the illness and wonder if your child is autistic.


There are a number of symptoms of autism and not every child will exhibit the same set of symptoms. Even if you see some of the autism symptom in your child it does not necessarily mean that your child is autistic. There can be many other explanations for some of the symptoms that your child is displaying. Not all children develop at the same pace. Some children are just slower to reach the milestones that other children reach at an earlier age.


If you feel that your child is not developing properly you should speak to your doctor. The doctor will make a determination if your child will require testing to see if they are autistic. It is not a good idea to try and diagnose your child by yourself. A qualified medical professional must make the diagnosis of autism. It will also take more than just the child’s doctor to make an official diagnosis. There will be a team of professionals that will test your child to determine if they are autistic.


The mistake that many parents make is to compare their children with others. You need to remember that your child is unique and will develop at their own individual pace. Some parents just know when something is wrong with their child. If you are one of those parents, you should discuss the concerns that you have with the doctor. If the doctor does not agree you might want to consider a second opinion.


The process that will test your child and determine whether or not they are autistic will take some time. The diagnosis of autism can change your entire life. But once that diagnosis is made an effective treatment plan can be developed. You should also find out what is the problem if the cause is not autism.


Here are some of the signs of autism that you should look for and seek additional testing if you find them in your child.


1. The child will not have eye contact when they are being spoken to or are speaking.
2. Autistic children will often not speak or communicate at all.
3. Lack of emotion.
4. Does not play pretend games
5. Repetitive motions, like rocking or bouncing.
6. Cannot handle changes to the schedule.
7. Shows no response when you are speaking to them.
8. Repeats things over again.
9. Learns new skills and then loses them.
10. Can develop attachments to foods or scents.


If your child is displaying these symptoms you should discuss it with the doctor. It is very important that you have your child diagnosed so that a treatment plan can be developed. You should also not worry over the developmental milestones too much. Every child is different and will develop according to their own schedule.